White Empress 666

Paul, in regard to the theatrical style performances in the future, that you had mentioned in a reply below.. Did the theatrical live performance concept come to you from the very beginning? Or as revenant was being created? Do you have friends that were involved with the bands new direction, that plan to be the "actors" on the stage of your live theatrical shows? Or.. have you yet to figure that out? Just curious if the actors will be chosen from actual actors or friends and family of the band. I think it would be cool to have contests where a fan wins and could participate as one of the actors on stage with the band.. I would be so stoked with winning that type of contest!


White Empress 666 responded on 11/25/2016

Hi Katy,

I have always had in mind about doing this kind of show, making it something different. We at Er Horrificus are looking at pro actors to be in the next film for the album, but saying that I do like your idea of a comp to be in the next film or on stage, thats awesome!!!!

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