White Empress 666

Do you guys have any performances planned in or around Austin, TX ("The Live Music Capitol of the World")? I loved Paul's work with Cradle, and am in awe of how great White Empress is. Just dying to see you perform live.

White Empress 666 responded on 11/03/2016

The direction of the band is now like an elaborate horror audiobook. When we release anything it will be with a film, so when we will play it will be like a full theatre production. Once the word gets out about our change and we get enough people into us we will then go and play maybe 2 - 3 shows a year in chosen venues consisting of 2-3 nights in each venue. The idea is to have actors on stage as well as us, acting out the film with interchanging stage sets and the whole experience being narrated. The live performances will be fantastic and very very dark.

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