White Empress 666

Here's a weird one for you Paul. Will you show the fans on Facebook your new hair style? I did somehow stumble across a video of you the other week getting the pony cut. How do you plan on styling it in the future? Could you see yourself getting the rest shaved? Wasn't it going thin on top? Did you do it to donate to a good cause or was it just your personal preference to do so? I don't think really long hair is much of a necessity in metal these days. I for one, can't grow it that long as I don't have the right Hair type, it can look great amongst people who can grow it well that way though.

White Empress 666 responded on 10/24/2016

Lol i cut it off for my day job, i was promoted and it had to go. I'm too old to have long hair and not having it isn't going to change me at all hahahaha. Yea age is catching up and i'm going super thin on top. I don't think i will get it shaved but if it gets to bad i will.

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